Friday 2/10/17

Strength Cycle – Week 5
No 10:30a WOD on Saturday. Instead, come to the FREE Nutrition & Programming Seminar.

1min Max Front Squats @ 60% 1RM
*Front Squat Endurance. The percentage goes up 5%. Try to get the same number of reps as two weeks ago.
1-2 TGU’s on each arm – heavier than last week

OTM until failure
Even: 7 Clean and Jerks – 115/75
Odd: 7 HSPU
*Cap = 20min. Challenge yourself to go T&G on the Clean & Jerks. Scale so you get at least 7 rounds (14min)

Daily Reading
1. Training and Discipline
2. Osteoarthritis and the Knee
3. How To Build Mental Strength Before The Open
4. Should the Heels Stay Flat in (an Overhead Lift)

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