Monday 3/6/17

Strength Cycle: Open Cycle – Week 2

Life: 2 (Snatch Deadlift + Hang Power Snatch)
Sport: 2 Squat Snatch – start around 85%
After set 1, perform 30-40 Thin Band Sword Pulls (15-20 ea arm)
After set 2, perform 20 Thin Band Facepull into W into Y-Press
After set 3, perform 20 Thin Band Snow Angels (10 ea arm)
After set 4, repeat whichever sucks the most for you!
*The point of these shoulder accessory movements is to really *feel the burn*. If you don’t, then either add reps or use a thicker band (with proper technique!). Don’t shrug up your shoulders

4 Rounds
15 Wallballs
15 Push Press – 95/65; S: DBs – 50/35
15/10 Calories on Bike or Rower or Run 200m
*Goal is to stay unbroken, with a time domain somewhere between 10-14min.

Daily Reading
1. Blaine Sumner Sets New World Record With a 505kg (1,113 lb) Squat
2. Bar Muscle-Up: Tips for the Drop Down Swing
3. Shots fired: Why You Should Not Be Running
4. Why Your Mobility Drills Don’t Work

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