Wednesday 3/8/17

Strength Cycle: Open Cycle – Week 2

OTM for 10min
Life: 1 (Clean Deadlift + Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk)
Sport: 1 Squat Clean & Jerk

Run 200m or Row 250m or Bike 500m
12 Thrusters – 95/65
4 Burpee Pullups (S: RMU or BMU)
*Goal is constant motion, so modify the Thruster weight if you can’t consistently complete 12 reps in 2 sets or less.

Daily Reading
1. Your Posture Isn’t The Problem
2. How to Blast Through Burpees as Quickly as Humanly Possible
3. Get Out of the Clean Faster
4. How Exercise Makes You Better at Your Job

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