Monday 4/3/17

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle – Week 1

3 Zero Bounce Deadift @ 55-75% of 1RM DL
*The key here is working on building eccentric control = stronger posterior. We tested our 5RM last week, here’s a nifty formula to use it to figure out your theoretical 1RM: (Reps x Weight x .033) + Weight = Theoretical 1RM. So, (5 x 405 x .033) + 405 = 472

3-5 “Jelly Bellies” – in hollow rock position, keeping your legs 2-6″ off the ground, rotate your legs all the way around your body, keeping them close to the floor, making a “clock” on the ground. Each way = 1 rep. If you can’t keep your legs that low, just do the best you can.

Partner “Double Diane”
42 Deadlift – 225/155
42 L: DB Press; S: HSPU
30 Deadlift
30 DB Press/HSPU
18 Deadlift
18 DB Press/HSPU
*Break up work any way. Mondays this cycle will be a girl workout, but we’ll start it out with partner workouts all week long.

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