Friday 4/14/17

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle – Week 2

5 Back Squat @ 70-80%
*Heavier than last week. No oly’s belt or sleeves. Clean it up.
6-10 DB Hammer Curls – It’s getting warm outside. Gotta get the guns ready for display.

5 Power Snatch – 95/65 (S: SS @ 135/95)
5 Pullups (S: CTB)
*We want to see fast singles on the Snatches, and then focused practice on the pullups. This is a small number of reps for pullups, so work on technique here… especially as you fatigue.

Daily Reading
1. Hips Sockets and Squat Depth
2. You’re Not Broken If You’re Asymmetrical, You’re Normal
3. Belly of the Beast: The Hardships of Strength and Conditioning
4. Training with Back Pain

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