The Weekend WOD

*Lottery WOD #3*
Teams of 6
5 Rounds
P1 & P2 – 10 Synchronized Burpee Pullups
P3 & P4 – Repeatedly Sprint Up & Down the “”BIG Hill”” until P1/P2 done
P5 & P6 – Tire Flips until P3/P4 done
*While two partners perform synchronized burpee pullups, other teammates complete as many reps as possible at their stations. They aren’t done until P1 & P2 *save* them by coming back outside. *Tire Flips via Shikha Sachdeva, Hill Sprints via Sonya Wolter, Burpee Pullups via TJ Miller

Tabata Planks
Elbow Plank, Right Side Plank, Left Side Plank, Hollow Hold
16 Rounds (4 rounds of each)
:20on, :10off

-then, 4 Rounds
In 3min, complete:
10 KB/DB Snatch
10 Box Step Overs
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Wallball Burpees

-then, OTM for 20min
30sec Max Row/Bike
30sec 1-KB Suitcase Carry
*Score is total meters. Switch arms each round.

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