Tuesday 4/25/17

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle – Week 4

2 Split Jerk
*Start at 60% and work up. Try to hit heavier than the triples from two weeks ago.
8-12 Partner GHR’s

6 Rounds
2 Squat Cleans – L: 155/105; S: 225/145
10 Box Step Overs (S: Jump Overs)
10 K2E (S: T2B)
*Cap = 16min. Scale the squat cleans to a weight that’s challenging, but one you can handle for 2 reps. We don’t want you staring at the bar for too long, but taking a moment to *think* about your next rep will be inevitable.

Daily Reading
1. “Hip Flexor Tightness” and The Most Common Error In Stretching
2. My Wish for Female Fitness: Less Talk About Less
3. What To Do When You Eat Healthy But Can’t Lose Weight
4. My Best Carbohydrate Food Sources to Improve Recovery

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