Thursday 5/25/17

Memorial Day Weekend Hours!
Saturday – normal classes
Sunday – all classes cancelled
Monday – one class only at 9:30a – MURPH!

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle – Retest Week!

In 18min:
Find your 1RM Power Clean

3 Rounds
Row 500/400m or Bike 1000/800m or Run 400m
Max Set of L: HRPU; S: HSPU
Rest 3min
*Score is your finish time & total HSPU’s. There is plenty of rest in this test, so really blow out the monostructural piece.

6 Rounds
In 6min, complete:
10 Triangle Close-Grip Pushup
10 Wallballs
10 Abmat Situps
10 2-DB Deadlifts
10 Burpees
Run 200m or Row 250/200m or Bike 500/400m

In 6min, complete:
30 Wallball Burpees
30 Pushup Plank Bird Dogs

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