Friday 5/26/17

Memorial Day Weekend Hours!
Saturday – normal classes
Sunday – all classes cancelled
Monday – one class only at 9:30a – MURPH!

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle – Retest Week!

In 18min:
3RM Back Squat
*Throw on the belt, knee sleeves, lifters, eye black, whatever-the-hell you want. We spent the cycle working without those accessories, and now you can use them again!

6 Deadlift – L: 185/125; S: 245/165
12 Cal Row/Bike or Run 100m
18 Wallballs
*Deadlifts should be unbroken, and see if you can shoot for unbroken Wallballs, too! So, where’s the recovery? Ummm… nowhere?

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