Monday 6/19/17

Strength Cycle: Week 1: Post-Open Cycle 2

2 Back Squat @ 50-60% (S: Box Squat)
Squatting speed work. Focus on DRIVING fast on the way up. SPEED SPEED SPEED.
5-10 Seated DB Strict Press / Z Press – watch our video for a demo, and share DB’s with a partner. Consider alternating who goes on which minute.

4 Rounds
8 Power Cleans – L: 135/75; S: 185/115
18/14 Cal Row or 14/11 Cal Bike or Run 200m
*Power cleans are probably fast singles, then suffer on the rower/bike/run. This one should hurt the lungs!

1min Couch Stretch – ea leg
1min Pec Stretch on Rig – ea arm

Daily Reading
1. The Ultimate Tool for Going Faster While Doing Less on the Rowing Machine
2. Don’t Compete, Contribute
3. When the Fear of Getting Hurt Keeps You From Exercising
4. How to Make Yourself Work When You Really Don’t Feel Like It

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