Tuesday 6/20/17

Strength Cycle: Week 1: Post-Open Cycle 2

1 Squat Clean & Split Jerk @ 80%+ of 1RM
Max Strict Pullups or Partner-Assisted Pullups or Band Pulldown or Bar-on-Rig Box-Aided Pullups

OTM for 15min
L: 30; S: 50 Double Unders
L: 15 HRPU or 10 HSPU; S: 30′ HS Walk
2-5 Strict Pullups
*Rotate thru the movements OTM. Pick a # you can stick with for every round, but don’t be afraid to scale up in the middle of the workout if you find yourself doing well.

1min Banded Lat/Bicep Stretch – ea arm
1min Banded Hand Behind Back Shoulder Stretch – ea arm

Daily Reading
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4. 6 Tips to Improve Work Performance From the World’s Best Athletes

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