Wednesday 6/28/17

Strength Cycle: Week 2: Post-Open Cycle 2

3 Sumo Deadlift @ 60% of 3RM
*No Bounce – Silent. Pull the bar off the floor with SPEED, but control it on the way back down.
10-16 Rear-Leg Elevated Split Squat – use a KB in the goblet position for an extra challenge

L: 50; S: 70 Wallballs
L: 25; S: 35 SDLHP – 95/65
L: 30; S: 50 Wallballs
L: 15; S: 25 SDLHP
L: 10; S: 30 Wallballs
L: 5; S: 15 SDLHP
*Whyyyyy so many numbers?!!?!?! The trick for today is moving in big sets of movements. We don’t want to see small sets of 5-10 WBs in this piece. Time domain is sub-12min.

1min Pigeon Stretch – ea leg
2min Seated Foward Fold – use KB for leverage, if needed

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