Monday 7/3/17

July 4th Holiday Hours
Mon: Regular Hours
Tue: 8a, 9:30a, 10:30a Only
Wed: Regular Hours Resume

Strength Cycle: Week 3: Post-Open Cycle 2

2 Back Squat @ 52.5-62.5% (S: Box Squat)
*Last week heavy, this week speed again. Go a bit heavier than week 1.
5-10 Seated DB Strict Press / Z Press – watch our video for a demo, and share DB’s with a partner. Consider alternating who goes on which minute.

Run L: 600m; S: 800m (or Row 750/600m or Bike 1500/1200m)
21, 15, 9
Thruster – 75/55 or 30/20 DBs
Cals on Rower/Bike or Run 200m
Run L: 600m; S: 800m (or Row 750/600m or Bike 1500/1200m)
*Pick a barbell/dumbbell weight that you can knock out in 2 sets each round. This one is going to hurt the lungs. And, no, this one isn’t quite even during the 21, 15, 9 because of the discrepancy between rowing/biking/running. But, choose whichever you’re worse at.

1min Couch Stretch – ea leg
2min Frog Stretch

Daily Reading
1. I Just Am
2. Making Squats More Elbow & Shoulder Friendly
3. Your First Workout Post-Injury: Time To Learn Something New
4. Kipping Pullup Progression (video)

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