Monday 7/10/17

Strength Cycle: Week 4: Post-Open Cycle 2

3 Back Squat @ 80+% (S: Box Squat)
*Heavy squats are back this week. Continue to work on speed out of the bottom.
5-10 Seated DB Strict Press / Z Press

10 Rounds
8 Back Rack Lunges – L: 65/35; S: 95/65
8 Burpees (S: Over Bar)
*Lunges should be unbroken, since they’re so light. Remember not to drop an empty bar, should you be using one. The real suckfest will be the burpees. Keep moving so you keep this WOD under 10min.

1min Couch Stretch – ea leg
1min Lying Half-Moon Hold – ea arm

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