Tuesday 7/18/17

Strength Cycle: Week 5: Post-Open Cycle 2

3 Squat Clean & Split Jerk @ 70%+ of 1RM
Max Strict Pullups or Partner-Assisted Pullups or Band Pulldown or Bar-on-Rig Box-Aided Pullups

Teams of 2
Row 60/40 Cals or Bike 40/25 Cals or Alternate Run 400m
30 Back Squats – L: 165/105; S: 225/145
Row 40/25 Cals or Bike 25/16 Cals or Alternate Run 200m
20 Back Squats
Row 25/16 Cals or Bike 16/10 Cals or Alternate Run 100m
10 Back Squats
*Back squats taken from the floor, and sould be do-able in sets of 5 minimum. Sprint-esque. Can’t start on back squats until both partners are finished with the monostructural piece.

1min Banded Hip/Lunge Stretch – ea leg
1min Banded Hand Behind Back Shoulder Stretch – ea arm

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