Friday 7/21/17

Strength Cycle: Week 5: Post-Open Cycle 2

1 Power Snatch @ 90+%
6-12 Barbell RDL – (not single leg this week)

3 Rounds
Row 1000/800m or Bike 2000/1600m or Run L: 600m; S: 800m
L: 30; S: 50 Burpees
L: 30; S: 50 Box Step Ups (S: Jumps)
Run L: 600m; S: 800m or Row 1000/800m or Bike 2000/1600m
*Cap = 20min. Team up with someone so you can alternate on the Row/Bike/Run.

1min Bretzel – ea side
2min Sit-on-Ankles Back Bend – use Wallball under back for height assistance
-or- simply lay back over Wallball with legs straight, gripping rig for leverage

Daily Reading
1. Snatch Start Position & Common Faults
2. 7 Surprising Benefits of Exercise
3. Rehabilitation
4. Incontinence and Female Athletes

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