Monday 7/24/17

Strength Cycle: Week 6: Post-Open Cycle 2

6 Back Squat @ 80+% (S: Box Squat)
*Heavy squats are back this week. Continue to work on speed out of the bottom.
5-10 Seated DB Strict Press / Z Press

25 Front Squats – 135/95 (S: OHS)
L: 50; S: 100 Double Unders
20 FS
L: 35; S: 75 Double Unders
15 FS
L: 25: S: 50 Double Unders
10 FS
L: 10; 25 Double Unders
5 FS
*If choosing OHS, keep it at a weight you can complete in 2 sets each round. Let’s keep this one in the 8-12min range.

1min Couch Stretch – ea leg
1min Lying Half-Moon Hold – ea arm

Daily Reading
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2. Open Letter to Regionals Athletes
3. Don’t Be Scared, Homie: The Story of the UFC
4. Something Strange in Usain Bolt’s Stride

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