Thursday 8/3/17

Strength Cycle: Retest Week: Post-Open Cycle 2

In 10min:
Find 2RM Strict Press
*Squeeze your entire body TIGHT before pressing!

Bike 1000m/800m or Row 500/400m or Run 400m
21 Front Squat – 95/65 (S: OHS)
21 Pullups
*OHS and Pullups should stay 3 sets or less the entire WOD. Look at what rep scheme you used during the first test week.

On your own: Roll out quads, hips, and glute

5 Rounds
In 5min, complete:
10 Busters* (Burpee + DB Thruster)
5 Weighted Plate Ab Twists (1-1)
10 Right-Side Thread the Needle (Elbow Plank Reach Under & Twist Open)
10 Left-Side Thread the Needle
5 Goblet Squats
Run 100m or Row 125/100m or Bike 300/200m
*Add a 2.5lb or 5lb plate to the Thread the Needle for an extra challenge

-then, AMRAP 8
10, 9, 8… 3, 2, 1
Abmat Situps
Rotational Slamball Throws (switch sides ea. throw)

-then: Bike/Row 10 x :30sec on, :30sec off
*partner up if short on equipment

Daily Reading
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2. Are Lat Stretches Dangerous? and 5 Better Ways to Gain Overhead Mobility
3. The Nutrition Myth
4. The Real Reason You’re Not Making Gains

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