Tuesday 8/8/17

Read the Programming Update so you know what to expect over the next two weeks!

Strength Cycle: Pre-Cycle 1 – Play Week 1 (of 2)

In 18min:
3 Attempts at Max Rep Touch & Go Power Clean to Push Jerk – L: 115/75; S: 135/95
*Rest 3min between efforts. Scores are best set AND total reps across 3 sets.

9, 7, 5
2x Burpee CTB (S: 1x RMU/BMU)
Power Snatch – 115/75 (S: Squat Snatch – 135/95)
*Cap = 10min. If pushing the intensity right, you should finish this one under 7min.

1min Banded Hip/Lunge Stretch – ea leg
1min Banded Hand Behind Back Shoulder Stretch – ea arm

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