Monday 8/14/17

Strength Cycle: Pre-Cycle 1 – Play Week 2 (of 2)

In 18min:
Find 1RM Back Squat
*If box squatted two weeks ago, remove it. Free squat only. And, if you DID free squat two weeks ago, you have this opportunity to best that number!

*Quarter Gone Bad*
5 Rounds
15sec Max Thrusters – L: 95/65; S: 135/95
Rest 45sec
15sec Max Pullups (S: DB Weighted Strict Pullup – 50/30lb)
Rest 45sec
15sec Max Burpees
Rest 45sec
*Lotta rest in this one, so each 15sec burst should be max effort. But, don’t be surprised if those rest periods start feeling shorter and shorter.

1min Couch Stretch – ea leg
1min Pec Stretch on Rig – ea arm

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