Wednesday 8/23/17

Strength Cycle: Cycle 1 – Week 1

4 Back Squat @ 80%
10-20 x 1-KB Dead Bug – 53/35

8 Rounds
4 Front Squats – L: 115/75; S: 185/115
8 Burpees (S: Over Bar)
*We’d like to see you stick to under 60sec per round. So, front squats will need to stay unbroken, and don’t take too long getting started on the bar each round.

1min Straight Leg Raise on Rig
1min Open Book

Daily Reading
1. CrossFit Games Athlete Jen Smith Shows You Can’t Trust All Before/After Photos
2. Why we fell for clean eating
3. Smoking Versus Edibles
4. A Pelvic Floor Solution

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