Wednesday 9/13/17

Strength Cycle: Cycle 1 – Week 4

4 Back Squat @ 87.5%
12-20 KB Windmill

3 Rounds
Run 400m or Row 500/400m or Bike 1000/800m
15 DB Snatch – L: 30/20; S: 50/35
15 Pushups
*This is very modest volume, so your goal should be the crush this workout, including the runs. Don’t use the runs for recovery. Not today!

1min Straight Leg Raise on Rig
1min Open Book

Daily Reading
1. Men Stronger, But Women Last Longer
2. Female Sex Hormones, Muscle Proteins and Human Performance
3. Focus on Zinc
4. Ditch The Motivation & Find Success

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