Friday 9/15/17

Strength Cycle: Cycle 1 – Week 4

2 Hang Power Clean (S: Squat Clean) @ 85+% of Full Clean
*Above knee. Drop and reset each rep. No fails.
10-20 Band Forearm Wall Slides

4 Rounds
Run 400m
Rest 3min
*Oh, you thought we were done with running this week? NOPE. Push the PACE!

1min Bretzel – ea side
1min Runner’s Stretch – ea leg

Daily Reading
1. Learning To Accept And Embrace Pain
2. The Real CrossFit Fight: The Battle With Big Soda, the ACSM and the NSCA
3. Learning to “Grind”: The Direction of Effort Throughout your Novice Training
4. 5 Whiteboard Misconceptions That Are Ruining Your CrossFit Experience

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