Thursday 11/9/17

Strength Cycle: Cycle 2 – Week 4

OTM for 12min:
Power Clean 4 x L: 3; S: 1
Clean Pull 4 x L: 3; S: 1
Clean Deadlift 4 x L: 3; S: 1
*Life – Let’s give you an opportunity to hit some more reps to get more practice. Sport – your weight should be heavy enough that you can’t fathom doing more than 1 rep per minute.

Watch today’s video for tips on your Clean Pull & Clean Deadlift

Teams of 2
P1 – Row 250/200m or Bike 500/400m or Run 200m
P2 – Max…

R1 – Max Air Squats
R2 – Max Situps
R3 – Max AKBS – 53/35
*Repeat this pattern for R4, R5, R6, R7, etc… Score is total meters and total reps, so just keep adding reps to your count as you go. Fast transitions are key, so consider not strapping all the way in on the rower. Get the feet out quickly so your partner can quickly get theirs in.

On your own: Roll out quads, hips, glutes, and calves

3 Rounds
40sec on / 20sec off

Station 1) Bar-on-Rig Pullups
Station 2) Row
Station 3) Air Squats
Station 4) Double Unders
Station 5) DB Push Press
Station 6) Mountain Climbers
Station 7) Wallball Slams – 30/20
Station 8) Bike
Station 9) Box Step Ups
Station 10) DB Lunges
Station 11) Pushups (S: Clapping)
Rest 1min
*Start at any station you want, and rotate each minute. Share equipment with friends so not everyone is having to pull out a box, rower, etc…

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3. Lose fat, preserve muscle: Weight training beats cardio for older adults
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