Thursday 11/16/17

Strength Cycle: Cycle 2 – Week 5

OTM for 12min:
Power Snatch 4 x L: 3; S: 1
Snatch Pull 4 x L: 3; S: 1
Snatch Deadlift 4 x L: 3; S: 1
*Life – Let’s give you an opportunity to hit some more reps to get more practice. Sport – your weight should be heavy enough that you can’t fathom doing more than 1 rep per minute.

Watch today’s video for tips on your Snatch Pull & Snatch Deadlift:

4 Rounds
30 Thrusters – 45/35
1 Max Set of T2B
Rest 60sec
*Scale the gymnastics to allow for a big set. Not looking for 3 or 4 T2B. We want to get a BIG set after the thrusters. Also, please be gentle when putting the empty barbell down.

On your own: Roll out quads, hips, glutes, and calves

OTM for 32min:
min 1) 15/10 Cal Row or 12/8 Cal Bike or Run 200m
min 2) 10 DB Floor Press or Banded Pushup (criss-cross the band around your shoulders)
min 3) Run 200m or 15/10 Cal Row or 12/8 Cal Bike
min 4) 10 DB Overhead Tricep Extension
*don’t smash your elbows into the ground on the DB Floor Press. Be gentle. On the DB Overhead Tri Extensions, perform these standing, with one heavy DB behind your head, extending your arms overhead. These are just good, old-school arm builders.

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