Monday 11/20/17

Strength Cycle: Cycle 2 – Week 6

3 Clean & Jerk @ 75-80%
*If you don’t know your 1RM or your clean & jerk is still developing, then just find a heavy 3 by your 2nd or 3rd set and hit for the rest of the time. Sport: stick to the percentages.

100 Air Squats (S: 50 Pistols)
50 1-Arm DB Push Press (25l/25r) – L: 30/20; S: 50/35
50 Clapping Pushups (S: HSPU)
*Cap = 14min. Goodbye arms. Don’t be surprised if you get capped by this one. In fact, you might even welcome it.

Puppy Dog

Optional Run Programming
4x200m, 3x300m, 2x400m, w/ 60sec rest b/t reps and 3min b/t sets
*When eliminating 100m from our usual 400m, 600m, or 800m routes, start & end at the *bricks*

Daily Reading
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2. How your fitness may benefit others
3. Embrace Your Discomfort To Reveal Transformation
4. The female weightlifters from one of Iraq’s most notorious neighborhoods

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