Friday 11/24/17

Strength Cycle: Cycle 2 – Week 6

OTM for 4min
2 Power Snatch (S: Squat Snatch) w/ pause at knee @ 60-70%
L: 3; S: 1 Power Snatch (S: Squat Snatch) @ 80-90%
Work on Double Unders between lifts

6 Rounds
30 Jumping Lunges
9 Pullups (S: 15 CTB)
*Cap = 16min. The pace for this WOD is fast, shooting for sub-12min. Pullups should be do able in 3 sets or less every time. You don’t have to *stand up completely* on the jumping lunges. Just tap the back knee then get off the ground and switch feet as quickly as possible. Get ready for leg burn.

Forward Fold

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