Tuesday 11/28/17

Strength Cycle: Cycle 2 – Retest Week!

In 18min:
Find 3RM Back Squat
*Best way to approach this is heavy singles and doubles until you’re unsure you can hit 3, then go for it.

21/14 Cal Row or 17/11 Cal Bike or Run 400m
36 Burpees (S: 9/6 RMU)
15/10 Cal Row or 12/8 Cal Bike or Run 200m
28 Burpees (S: 7/5 RMU)
9/6 Cal Row or 7/5 Cal Bike or Run 100m
20 Burpees (S: 5/4 RMU)
*Cap = 14min. If Sport, MU should be 2 sets or less. Otherwise scale back and push the intensity pedal.

30sec Pigeon
30sec Rig Lat Stretch

Daily Reading
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3. Maintenance IS Progress
4. An Explanation of the Athletic Hip Hinge

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