Wednesday 12/6/17

Weekend Schedule:
Fri – no 4:30p or 5:30p class (Misfit Training Camp)
Sat & Sun – no classes (Misfit Training Camp)

Strength Cycle: Cycle 3 – Test Week

In 18min:
Find 1RM Snatch Complex

Life = Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch
Sport = Squat Snatch + Overhead Squat + Hang Squat Snatch + Overhead Squat

L: 40; S: 50 Pullups
L: 40; S: 50 Thrusters – L: 75/55; S: 95/65
Life: 40/27 Cal Row or 32/21 Cal Bike or Run 600m
Sport: 50/33 Cal Row or 40/27 Cal Bike or Run 800m
*Time domain is 6-12min. With big rep numbers, the key will be taking calculated breaks so that things don’t fall apart too much. Once you get on the rower/bike/road, time to put the hammer down.

Lat Stretch on Rig
Puppy Dog Pose

Optional Run Programming
6 Rounds
Sprint 100m
Run 200m
Rest 2min
*start from the *bricks*, sprint 100m to halfway in the parking lot, then continue thru the rest of the normal 400m route, before ending at the *bricks* again.

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