Friday 12/8/17

Weekend Schedule:
Fri – no 4:30p or 5:30p class (Misfit Training Camp)
Sat & Sun – no classes (Misfit Training Camp)

Strength Cycle: Cycle 3 – Test Week

In 15min:
1 Set Max Reps Deadlift at 65%
*Touch & Go. You can rest at the hip, but not on the ground. Be EXTRA disciplined with keeping a stable midline. Take the first 8min to build to a heavy single, then back the weight off and go for it. Are 20 reps possible? 30 reps?!

L: 15; S: 30 Double Unders
L: 6; S: 10 T2B
10 KB SDLHP – L: 53/35; S: 70/53
*We’d like to see everyone hit 6+ rounds, so be efficient with the movements and transition quickly between segments.

Teams of 2
100 Double Unders
20 T2B
20 KB SDLHP – L: 53/35; S: 70/53

Scorpion Hold

Daily Reading
1. Report: The Impact of Running Cadence on Running Economy
2. Why do Americans have such trouble with fractions – and what can be done?
3. How to Get a Tiny Bit More Sleep
4. They Said “Slow Down, You’re Working Too Hard.” THEY. ARE. WRONG.

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