Thursday 12/21/17

Strength Cycle: Cycle 3 – Week 2

5 Push Jerk @ 70%
*Work on extending then pushing aggressively under the bar.
L/S: 30sec Max Distance on Bike or Rower
*If you used the Bike last week, try to use the Rower this week. And vice versa. This should be a fight between going as hard as possible and maintaining the same distance within 5% each round.

21, 15, 9
Hang Power Snatch – L: 75/55 (S: Hang Squat Snatch @ 95/65)
2x Abmat Situps
*Cap = 9min. Opposing movements should allow you to blast thru this one. Score is time on this portion of the WOD.

-rest until 12:00, then:
Run 400m
Walk 100m
Run 400m

On your own: Roll out quads, hips, glutes, and calves

4 Rounds
Every 4min:
Row 250/200m or Bike 500/400m or Run 200m
30 Air Squats (S: 20 2-DB Thrusters – 30/20)

-rest 2min, then:

4 Rounds
Every 4min:
Bike 500/400m or Row 250/200m or Run 200m
30 Jumping Lunges or 20 Wallballs

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