Wednesday 1/24/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 4 – Week 1

OTM for 6min: HSPU Interval Technique Work:
L: 5/3 Cal Row or 4/3 Cal Bike + 15sec 2-DB Overhead Hold
S: 10/7 Cal Row or 8/5 Cal Bike + 15sec Nose-and-Toes HS Hold
*Both in the minute. Shoot for around 15sec of rest each round. If partnering, have one partner “chase”, jumping on the rower/bike as soon as the first partner jumps off.
-rest 2min, then:
OTM for 6min:
Life: 2 Wall Walks or Pick a # of HSPU-Negatives and repeat it OTM. Keep it clean.
Sport: Pick # of HSPU and work on meeting the Open standard. Keep the sets small, clean, and repeatable
*Don’t overdo the OTM, becasue the WOD has a TON of HSPU. Consider working on deficit HSPU, or strict HSPU, or somehow improve your existing kipping technique.

5 Rounds
30 AKBS – L: 53/35; S: 70/53
L: 15 HRPU or 8 HSPU; S: 15 HSPU
Max Double Unders in remaining time
No Rest b/t AMRAPs
*AKBS should be 3 sets or less, while the HSPU should be in 4 sets or less each round. We’d like you to have around 60sec each round for the DUs.

Forearm Stretch
Pec Stretch on Rig

Optional Run Programming
2 Rounds
Run 3000m
Rest 5min
*Run alternating between 500 fast, 500m slow, 400m fast, 400m slow, 300m fast, 300m slow, 200m fast, 200m slow, 100m fast, 100m slow. No rest b/t reps, but 5min rest b/t 3000m intervals

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