Friday 1/26/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 4 – Week 1

Front Squat Rep Test
40 Reps for time @ 60%
*First 10min, get warmed up to around 90%, then change the weight to 60% and 3, 2, 1, GO together as a class! Rack/Unrack anytime. Front squats are very sport specific (i.e., thrusters, wallballs) so we’re trying to get more comfortable with bigger sets. We’ll add weight each week, and try to improve our time.

2 Rounds
Row 750/600m or Bike 1500/1400m or 50 Burpees
30 Front Squats – 75/55 (S: OHS – 95/65)
Max T2B in remaining time
Rest 4min b/t AMRAPs
*With a steadily-paced row/bike, and FS/OHS kept to 3 sets or less, you should have around 60sec to work on the T2B. Push for big sets with the barbell, then attack the T2B with everything you have left. 4min is a lot of rest, so don’t save it for the second round.

Scorpion Hold

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