Wednesday 1/31/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 4 – Week 2

OTM for 6min: Pullup Interval Technique Work:
L: 5/3 Cal Row or 4/3 Cal Bike + 15sec Max Barbell-on-Rig Pullups
S: 10/7 Cal Row or 8/5 Cal Bike + 15sec Max Strict Pullups
*Both in the minute. Shoot for around 15sec of rest each round. If partnering, have one partner work at each station for 15sec, with 15sec to transition.

-rest 2min, then:
OTM for 6min:
Life: 2-4 Jumping Pullup Negatives. Controlled/slow descent. If you feel yourself “bottoming out”, then do less reps and/or change to bar-on-rig pullups
Sport: Pick # of Butterfly or Kipping Pullups and work on meeting the Open standard. Keep the sets small, clean, and repeatable
*Don’t overdo the OTM, becasue the WOD has a TON of Pullups. Consider working on some element of the pullup where you need to get better.

3 Rounds
L: 75; S: 150 Double Unders
AMRAP L: Pullups; S: CTB
Rest 3min
*Do not exceed 40 Pullups per interval! We’re looking for BIG sets of pullups, so don’t game this trying to get the highest score. Look at this like training yourself to be better at bigger sets.

Lat Stretch on Rig
PVC Sub-Scap Mob

Optional Run Programming
Run 2000m – moderate
Rest 4min
Run 400m – fast
Rest 4min
Run 1000m – moderate
Rest 4min
Run 400m – fast
Rest 4min
Run 1200m – moderate

Daily Reading
1. Fueling (with food) for the Open
2. The Long Game
3. Okay, So Some Dogs Eat Poop
4. The Cure for Sugar Cravings

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