Monday 2/12/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 4 – Week 4

L: 20; S: 30 Air Squats
10 Power Cleans – L: 105/65; S: 155/105lbs
5 T2B (S: BMU)
*Fourth MetCon Monday! For this first workout, the air squats need to be fast, steady on the PCs and 2 sets or less on the T2B/BMUs. Hint: we’re doing pullups tomorrow, that’s why the sub for BMU is T2B today. Goal should be 3+ Rounds.

10 Power Snatch – 75/55 (S: 2-DB Snatch – 50/35)
L: 6; S: 10 Burpees
*For WOD 2, the trick is moving steadily without blowing up your heart rate. We want you to be confident moving those DBs by the time the Open starts. Try the sumo-stance DB snatch as it’s a little easier on the ole’ legs. Also, experiment with Sport reps on the burpees!

Seated Forward Fold
Puppy Dog Pose

Optional Run Programming
4 Rounds
Run 5min for Max Distance
Rest 90sec

Daily Reading
1. Barbell Training is Big Medicine
2. Do you know the Open has a Scaled/Life division?
3. Science at the 2018 Winter Olympics
4. Go Figure: Why Olympic Ice Skaters Don’t Fall Flat on Their Faces

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