Wednesday 2/14/18

Strength Cycle: Cycle 4 – Week 4

OTM for 8min: HSPU Interval Technique Work:
L: 5/3 Cal Row or 4/3 Cal Bike + 15sec 2-DB Overhead Press or HSPU Negatives
S: 10/7 Cal Row or 8/5 Cal Bike + 15sec Kipping HSPU (Open Standard)
*Both in the minute. If partnering, consider 15sec at each piece, with 15sec to transition.

4 Rounds
L: 35; S: 50 Wallballs
20 HRPU or 10 HSPU (S: 20 HSPU)
Max Cals Row/Bike or Max Double Unders in remaining time
No Rest
*Break up the Wallballs and HSPU into reasonable chunks to give you time at the end to accumulate some cals/dubs.

Lat Stretch on Rig
PVC Sub-Scap Mob

Optional Run Programming
3 Rounds
Run 300m – fast
Rest 2min
Run 250m – faster
Rest 2min
Run 200m – very fast
Rest 4min

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