Tuesday 2/27/18

Strength Cycle: Open Cycle – Week 2

4 Front Squat @ ~80%
*Add weight each set
12-20 DB Bicep Curls
*Let’s have a little fun by throwing in some bicep curls during the Open.

3 CTB Pullups (S: RMU/BMU)
6 Thrusters – L: 95/65; S: 135/95
9 Push Press (S: Strict HSPU)
*We’re looking for unbroken pullups/MU and thrusters, and then the push press/hspu should never exceed 2 sets. That’s means constant movement for the full 12min. A great goal is 6+ rounds.

Puppy Dog
Pec/Shoulder Stretch on Rig

Daily Reading
1. After the Olympics, Some Olympians Will Just Give Up
2. The Physics of Figure Skating
3. Symmetry Doesn’t Even Matter, And Probably Causes More Problems Than It Solves
4. I Know You Can Jump, But Can You Land?

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