Tuesday 3/20/18

Strength Cycle: Open Cycle – Week 5

4 Back Squat @ ~80%
*Add weight each set
12-20 DB Bicep Curls
*Last week of bicep curls. Make ’em count.

5 Rounds
24 Air Squats (S: 12 Pistols)
9 Hang Power Snatch – L: 75/55; S: 95/65
9 CTB (S: 6 BMU)
*Cap = 16min. High skill metcon today. Focus most of your attention on whatever you’re worst at, and work to improve your efficiency there today. If you don’t breathe well during pullups/bmu, then that’s your answer. If you lose your technique in the snatch, then focus there instead.

Puppy Dog
Pec/Shoulder Stretch on Rig

Daily Reading
1. Why Can’t Everyone Do the ‘Asian Squat’?
2. The Truth About “Motivation”
3. Moving Beyond Your Daily Exercise

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