The Weekend WODs

Teams of 2
In 35min, get as far as possible:

Run L: 1200m; S: 1600m – both are in 200 or 400m intervals)
100 DB Hang Clean & Jerk – L: 30/20; S: 50/30
L: 120; S: 200 Pushups
L: 200; S: 300 Air Squats
Run L: 1200m; S: 1600m – both are in 200 or 400m intervals)

-immediately into:

Clean & Jerk Ladder in remaining time:
10 at L: 95/65; S: 155/100
10 at L: 115/70; S: 185/120
10 at L: 135/85; S: 205/135
Max Reps at L: 155/100; S: 225/145

*One partner works at a time.

OTM for 5min:
10/7 Cal Bike or 12/8 Cal Row or 30 Double Unders
OTM for 5min:
L: 10; S: 15 Wallballs
OTM for 5min:
L: 10; S: 15 Burpees
OTM for 5min:
10 2-DB Power Cleans – L: 30/20; S: 50/35
*No rest between sections

-rest 5min after all completing all four sections, then:

OTM for 10min:
Odd: Max Russian KB Swings – L: 53/35; S: 70/53
Even: Pushup Plank Hold – on your Hands, not Elbows. Add a plate on your lower back if you’re feeling up for it.

Running Programming
Run 1600m – fast
Rest 4min
Run 600m – moderate
Rest 4min
Run 1200m – fast
Rest 4min
Run 400m – moderate
Rest 4min
Run 800m – fast
*For help tracking your distances when not running at the gym, download the Nike+ Run Club app from your device’s App Store. Create an account and then you can use the app to track your runs no matter where you complete them!

Skillz Class
Muscle Ups

Yoga class is a 90-minute session today. The practice will be structured in three parts: The first part of class will be a vinyasa flow that builds heat with sequences that promote flexibility and stamina. Followed by a yin/restorative practice with long-held, floor poses that affect deep tissue and connective tissue. Finally, the Nidra portion, or “yoga sleep,” will be the last portion. It is a meditative practice that puts your brain in alpha and delta waves for the ultimate regeneration, restorative experience.

You may want to bring additional clothing to make sure you’re comfortable and warm for the Nidra portion.

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