Monday 4/9/18

Note on this week’s video: Apologies on the length! We’ll make these shorter and more visually appealing in the future. It was our first attempt at a technique analysis vid!

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle – Week 1

4 Zero Bounce Deadlift @ 82.5-92.5% of last week’s 5RM
*Feel free to play anywhere in that 82.5-92.5% region, but don’t exceed it just yet.
4-8 TGU – total
*Try a heavier KB/DB each round.

Teams of 2
P1 – Max Cals on Rower/Bike (or Max Wallball Slams)
P2 – Run 400m (or L: 14; S: 21 Burpees)
*Alternate back and forth. Score is Total Cals. The focus should be on the row/bike, but not so much that it means you dog the run. The run should NOT be a recovery pace.

Hurdler’s Stretch

Daily Reading
1. Older, Fitter: How To Keep Working Hard As You Age
2. Nine Ways to Avoid Being a Vile Visitor (when dropping in somewhere)
3. Rowing Machine Foot Adjustments to Improve Your Workouts
4. What to Do When the Barbell Won’t Budge

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