Wednesday 4/18/18

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle – Week 2

2 Back Squat – L: 5-10lbs heavier than last week; S: @ 90+%
12 Half-Kneeling Upside Down KB Press – 6l/6r
12 KB Upright Row – 6l/6r
*Superset these accessory movements by hitting all of your KB Press first, then stand to complete the KB Upright Row

L: 75; S: 100 Air Squats
20 1-DB Hang Clean & Jerk – L: 50/35; S: 70/50
50 Box Step Overs (S: Jump Overs)
20 1-DB Hang Clean & Jerk – L: 50/35; S: 70/50
L: 75; S: 100 Air Squats
*Cap = 12min. Sh*t just got real w/ these heavy AF dumbbells. They will force you go slower today to concentrate on moving them well. But, go too slow and you risk hitting the cap. Let the fun begin.

Pigeon on Your Box

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