Wednesday 5/2/18

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle – Week 4

2 Back Squat – L: Heavy w/ solid form; S: @ 90+%
12 Half-Kneeling Upside Down KB Press – 6l/6r
12 KB Upright Row – 6l/6r
*Superset these accessory movements by hitting all of your KB Press first, then stand to complete the KB Upright Row

10 Rounds
Run 100m or Row 100/75m or Bike 200/200m
3 Power Snatch – 115/75 (S: Squat Snatch at 70%)
*Cap = 15min. This barn-burner is aimed to challenge you to move a high percentage of your snatch under fatigue. Maybe you miss once or twice *on accident*, but this weight should be manageable throughout.

Puppy Dog

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