Monday 6/18/18

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle 2 – Week 2

3 Box Squat @ 70%
*Not quite *Speed Work* and not quite *Heavy Work*, but still strive to explode off the box as quickly as possible.
8-10 Straight-Arm Band Lat Pulldown (Inside Rig)
*Wanna get better at pullups and bar muscle-ups? We need to strengthen your lats. Do these well with a HEAVY band, and you’ll see major improvements. Stay inside the rig so your partner can box squat without interference on the outside.

Teams of 3
Row 2250m (switch every 250m) or Bike 4500m (switch every 500m)
L: 150; S: 300 Double Unders
Run as far as possible in remaining time (switch every L: 200m; S: 400m)”

Roll Out On Your Own

Daily Reading
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2. Sympathetic Vs Parasympathetic: Why Every Athlete Needs to Understand the Difference
3. Lentils significantly reduce blood glucose levels
4. Why We Are Drowning In The Western Diet

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