Friday 6/22/18

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle 2 – Week 2

L: 2 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Power Snatch – Heavy with good form
S: 2 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Squat Snatch – AHAP
10 x 1-Arm DB Floor Press
*Alternate arms each set, so you get 4 sets on each arm. Don’t let your arms crash to the floor, or you’ll risk banging up your wrists & elbows. Pull your feet under you as if you’re going to do a glute bridge. These will aid our Landmine Press, and provide us a nice Core accessory, too.

2 Rounds
10 Snatch – L: 135/85; S: 175/125
12 Burpees (S: Lateral Over Bar)
-then, immediately into:
2 Rounds
10 Snatch – L: 75/55; S: 115/75
12 Burpees (S: Lateral Over Bar)
*Cap = 15min. Change your own weight. Regional competitors completed this WOD in under 6min. Breaking up the first set of Snatches is important, then finding a steady, repeatable pace on your burpees before sprinting at the finish.


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