Tuesday 6/26/18

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle 2 – Week 3

5 Power Clean and Push Jerk @ 75+%
*This should be a weight that you’re confident with, so no misses.
12-20 Single-Leg KB/DB RDL – split reps b/t legs
*Place the KB/DB in whichever hand allows you to best control the movement, but we’d prefer to see it in the hand opposite whichever foot is staying on the ground. Keep a soft bend in your knee, grip the KB/DB hard, keep your back straight, and push your hips back until the KB/DB is around shin level, then fire up.

3 Rounds
20 Hang KB Snatch – L: 35/24; S: 53/35
30 KB Front Rack Lunges (S: KB OVH Lunge)
*Switch arms anytime on both movements. You can rack the KB on your shoulder, hold it goblet style, hold it behind your head, whatever works really… for Sport, lock out that arm and keep your bicep close to your head. This one will test your ability to ignore the burn and keep moving.

Seated Forward Fold

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