Wednesday 6/27/18

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle 2 – Week 3

3 Sumo Deadlift @ 60% of 3RM
*Speed work. Control the descent, but strive to move the weight as quickly as possible off the floor. No bounce. Silent.
Waiter’s Walk & Plate Grab – 10 trips around your bar – 5l/5r
*Holding a 15/10lb plate overhead and pinching a plate in your opposite hand. Push the up arm as high as possible, and squeeze the crap out of the plate in your down hand.
30sec Max Double Unders

L: 75; S: 100 Wallballs
Row 1500/1200m or Bike 3000/2400m or Run 1200m
L: 75; S: 100 Wallballs
*Cap = 18min. Sorry. This one is gonna suck (assuming you do legit depth wallballs). Pace this from the very start, then push at the end.

Hurdler’s Stretch

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