Thursday 7/5/18

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle 2 – Week 4

8 Landmine Press – AHAP – 4l/4r
*Heavier than three weeks ago. Shoot for 85+% of your 2RM (or just go heavy). Grab a rag to place between barbell and the wall or rig.
10 x 1-Arm Landmine Reverse Lunge (Perpendicular Grip)
*Add weight from whatever you’re doing on the Landmine Press. These should be HEAVY. Alternate legs each set, so you get 4 sets on each leg. This is a fantastic move for anyone with knee-issues, and the perpendicular grip adds a considerable core challenge, because abssssssss…

5 Deadlift – L: 225/145; S: 315/205
1 Wall Walk or 5 HSPU (S: 5 Strict HSPU)
Run 200m or Row 250/200m or Bike 500/400m
*If you choose the Sport weight on the Deadlift, make sure you’re VERY confident in your ability to mantain solid technique for the full 15min. And this goes for everyone… Don’t risk injuring yourself just to say you used a big weight in the WOD. Make sure you can move it WELL. Stick with singles on the DL; otherwise, the high number of eccentric reps could leave you wrecked tomorrow.

Seated Forward Fold

Min 1) 15 Barbell-on-Rig Pushups
Min 2) 50 Double Unders
Min 3) 15 Jumping Pullups (S: Kipping Pullups)
Min 4) 10/7 Cal Bike or 12/8 Cal Row

-rest 2min, then:

40, 30, 20, 10
No-Pushup Burpees
Box Step Overs (S: Jump Overs)

Run Programming
3 Rounds
Run 500m – fast
Rest 75sec
Run 400m – fast
Rest 75sec
Run 300m – fast
Rest 4min

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