Tuesday 7/17/18

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle 2 – Week 6

3 Squat Clean and 1 Split Jerk @ 70%+ of Clean Complex
*A little less weight than two weeks ago, this time with an additional squat clean, but less jerks. Gotta rip thru them to still get in your RDL’s.
6-10 Single-Leg KB/DB RDL
*This week, knock out the 6-10 RDLs on one leg between sets, alternating legs in subsequent sets. Rest time will be short between sets, so just hitting one leg will give you a little extra time to get your heart rate back under control.

Run L: 800m; S: 1600m
30 Push Presses – L: 75/55; S: 115/75
Run L: 400m; S: 800m
20 Push Presses
Run L: 200m; S: 400m
10 Push Presses
*Cap = 17min. That’s a hard cap today, so if you know you’re not a strong runner, don’t get caught out on the road doing Sport. Push Press weight should be something that can be done in 2 sets or less for all three rounds. The RUN is the key here, so run hard!

Casual 200m Walk

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