Thursday 7/26/18

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle 2 – Week 7

Every 90sec for 15min (10 Rounds)
3 Strict Press – AHAP
*Try to hit the same weight as two weeks ago when we did 2 reps. Butt squeezed and ribs pulled DOWN the entire time!
10 Dball/Sandbag Lunges – AHAP
*Alternate legs each set, so you get 5 sets on each leg. Hug the Dball/Sandbag and complete all 10 reps on ONE leg. Switch in the subsequent round. If we run out of Dballs/Sandbags, then hug a couple plates.

Teams of 2
4 Rounds
P1 – Run 400m or Row 500/400m or Bike 1000/800m
P2 – Farmers Hold until P1 finishes – L: 2-DBs 50/35; S: AHAP
*Cap = 17min. We’ve tackled this WOD in various forms over the last few months. Today’s is a 4 Round version, and we want to see you go heavier than last time. Remember that if P1/P2 drops the implements then the other partner has to stop row/biking (if you’re running, then you’ll never know!)

Forearm & Trap Stretch on Rig

In 15min, complete:
5 Rounds
10 Pullups
10 KB Goblet Squats – L: 53/35; S: 70/53
-immediately into:
5 Rounds
L: 10; S: 15 Burpees

-rest 3min, then:

In 15min, complete:
2 Rounds
Row 500/400m or Bike 1000/800m or Run 400m
Run 400m or Row 500/400m or Bike 1000/800m
L: 30; S: 40 Wallballs

-rest 1min, then:

Max Russian Twists – 15/10lb plate

Run Programming
6 Rounds
Run 3min for Max Distance
Rest 45sec
*Shoot for an even pace in all efforts.

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