Tuesday 7/31/18

Strength Cycle: Post-Open Cycle 2 – Week 8
Last week before Retest Week!

4 Squat Clean and 4 Split Jerk @ 65%+ of Clean Complex
*A little less weight than two weeks ago, but with an additional squat clean and more jerks. If these leaved you too gassed for RDL’s, skip them this week.
6-10 Single-Leg KB/DB RDL
*This week, knock out the 6-10 RDLs on one leg between sets, alternating legs in subsequent sets. Rest time will be short between sets, so just hitting one leg will give you a little extra time to get your heart rate back under control. This is the final week you’ll see these. Next week is Retest Week.

3 Rounds
8 Front Squat – 75/55 (S: OHS- 95/65)
6 Strict Press or 4 HSPU (S: 8 HSPU)
Rest 2min b/t AMRAPs
*We’re wanting to scale our reps so every movement is completed in 1 set. If you’re somewhere in between these numbers, then talk over a strategy with a coach so you’re not breaking up anything. We’d love to see 3+ rounds per AMRAP.

Puppy Dog on Barbell

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